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Thread: Nude girl Tallulah

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    Nude girl Tallulah

    Nude girl Tallulah
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    I love this girl.

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    Poor Orgasm Close-up

    Quote Originally Posted by Skin25 View Post
    I love this girl.
    Great to hear such a candid discussion of Tallulah's experiences, likes & dislikes but why oh why do we get such lousy videography at the point of orgasm; visible contractions (as in this case), extra moisture and swollen clit / vulva are all incredibly erotic visual stimulii. Unfortunatley we are badly served in this aspect by AW videographers - yes I know we were treated to a face full of squirt recently but this isn't the norm.

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    Tallulah is very sexy. The video was well lit and the Q&A was frank and interesting; I always enjoy having Masie as my porn tour guide. The editing was sharp and well considered. Well done team.

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    Thank you very much for your ffedback on the tech of the shoot as well as your high praise for the amazing Tallulah who I am sure we all agree is simply amazing!

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