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Thread: Lesbian Sex: Alyssa R & Bisera

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    Lesbian Sex: Alyssa R & Bisera

    Lesbian Sex: Alyssa R & Bisera
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    That was a perfect shoot!
    Alyssa and Bisera were already great when shot separately, but together, they are fantastics.
    There is a great chemistry between them. There isn't any dull moment in the video.

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    In the before video, Bisera lists the parts of a girl she likes to touch: "first, the bum, then the boobs, and then the vagina, of course!" Alyssa breaks into a broad smile and giggles sweetly, as she knows she's in for a good time. Bisera is such a spunky little firecracker and Alyssa is so charming and down-to-earth and real. Knowing their lovely personalities adds a special sparkle to the incredibly hot sex, as the girls lick, stroke and pleasure each other's beautiful bodies in scores of sexy positions. Any trace of Alyssa's demure innocence is washed away in a sea of incredible moans, as her flushed, orgasmic face is the picture of sexual ecstasy. The ladies both give as good as they get, and seem very pleased and relaxed in the after interview following their multiple orgasms. Thanks, girls!

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    I loved watching Alyssa work on the backside of Bisera, but for the life of me I can't see how she could hold back from licking Bisera's absolutely gorgeous, delectable asshole - it looked like a perfect feast. Maybe next time...

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