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Thread: Nude girl Jada (comes back)

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    Nude girl Jada (comes back)

    Nude girl Jada (comes back)
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    Omg that pic makes me happy hahahaha, she is so gorgeous!

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    I can HARDly wait to see you having your body loved by another girl. I would be jealous...


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    This shoot is absolutely adorable! We've gotten to know sweet, lovable Jada quite well from her past shoot and her thoughtful, energetic posts on the boards, so it's lovely to spend some more time with her. Once she gets out of her cute outfit (which involves some wonderful shots in the stills of little tufts of pubic hair peeking out of her panties!), Jada looks so comfortable and at ease chatting naked on camera. It's so nice that she keeps her legs open throughout, sharing her beautiful vagina with us. We get to learn all about what she likes in other girls' pubic hair, her excitement about losing her girl virginity in an upcoming AW shoot, and her naughty fetish of masturbating with household objects borrowed from homes she's visiting.

    After two whole shoots involving lots of talk about her masturbation preferences, we then finally get to see Jada touch herself, and it is exquisite. Heavy breathing as she starts stroking with her fingers gives way to cute moans as she pushes a hairbrush deep inside. In just a few minutes, her legs start to shake, her beautiful face flushes pink, and an intense, wonderful orgasm washes over her. In the ecstasy of the afterglow, she smiles sweetly at the camera, as if she knows just how happy she's made all of her adoring fans. It's great to know there's lots more intimate moments and a girl-girl adventure to look forward to, since Jada is just about the perfect Abby girl!
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