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Thread: The F word

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    Quote Originally Posted by arsby View Post
    No, Chief, you are the pervert because you were there perving at the teen girls in the Brokeback queue.
    C'mon. Confess. I know what was going through your mind. You should wash your mind out with soap!
    My mind was for king kong,I had no time to think about girls,there's a time and a place arsby

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    Wow! I'm really impressed by this thread. Hadn't think I would find a discussion on feminism in this forum, and less I had expected to find such interesting comments! Therefore thank you to everyone for posting.
    As for myself, I am a feminist, and very proud of it. When I was younger and influenced by second wave feminism I felt a conflict between my ideals and my needs... specially sexual needs. Back then I thought pornography was always denigrating towards women and so on. Then I was lucky enough to find other feminists with other views upon the subject; as others have already commented here, feminism can be about self-empowerment, self-definition and choice. Now I am happy to be able to decide for myself, and I work for not being patronized and/or victimized; not by society, not by family, not by other feminists...
    There is a lot of interesting literature on the topic. Im right now reading this book... which I recommend, although it's already a little old... "hard core", by linda williams.
    anyone else reading suggestions?

    un beso

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