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Thread: Tongue sucking

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    Quote Originally Posted by kristin View Post
    haha sweaty fox maybe a three way? oh but that leaves out lea...she could join in to with wherever else her tounge fits
    i like 3 way kiss's they are always absurd, a little messy but way fun. but don't worry yourself kirstin my tongue can be made usefull in Many other ways....hehehe

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    haha sweaty fox, your always a teaser
    im sure you would love to see a four way kiss! its pretty hot isnt it! it turns me on! if its done with some toungue sucking.. and neck kissing.. x

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    There is plenty of wonderful close up tongue sucking in Mystery 15 - Irmina and Lulu. They are literally fucking each other's tongues! They are both very hot, the video is worth watching just for this. Yet there is much more here - with these two girls together the combination is much greater than the sum of the parts. Highly memorable. Thanks xxx

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