View Full Version : Celebs & the girl/woman next door look.

15th March 2005, 10:18 PM
Like most people who subscribe to aw.com, I find the real/girl next door look to be much, much more attractive than the surgically enhanced/body impossible look of so many women these days; be they in erotica, music, film or whatever.

For me, the appeal of this particular look can be traced back to many of the films, TV shows and music I liked during my early teenage years: for example Kerri Green in the Goonies, Elisabeth Shue in Karate Kid as opposed to other more glamourous looking people around at the time.

Many female celebs seem to start out with this particular look and then abandon it for the over slick, made up "plastic" look; Scarlett Johanson in her role in Lost in Translation vs. Scarlett Johanson at the Oscars, any number of pop starletts (most noteably early Kylie vs. current anaemic Kylie and old Britney vs. Photoshopped to hell Britney).

I'm curious as to what female celebs others think either have always had the "gal next door" quality about them, or had it and lost it.


16th March 2005, 01:50 AM
The same thing happens in an even more exaggerated way in the porn world. I remember a model I liked when I was a teenager "reading" Penthouse Magazine. Seeing the same model a few years later was like looking at an almost unrecognizable caricature.

Thats what's so great about AW. Real bodies are celebrated.