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    Originally posted by Jacksonpe49 View Post
    That's fair enough garionhall, I guess. I'm afraid I don't understand the technicalities at all, but here's another one that that would be great to see in good quality. Emma R and Armine in the first ever double IM, featuring two fantastic orgasms. The original and the best.
    Still my all time favourite IM shoot (double or otherwise), especially after Emma R's delightful solo videos with her discussing her life and reading habits. The coy start, the building excitement and the bed shaking orgasms

    I bought Topaz Video AI a few months back with a view to upscaling many of the earlier AW IM & GG videos. Armine & Emma R's DIM was one of the first I tried taking up to both 720p and 1080p. Managed to get reasonably good results, although my graphics card means a 20 min video takes several hours to render after experimenting with settings and rendering models.

    Originally posted by garionhall View Post
    Jacksonpe49 I found the tapes for the Emma R & Armine masturbation shoot, and I have captured it successfully now! We'll add it to the queue to be edited, upscaped and released.

    Interestingly, there's also another angle of this shoot, a closer head-to-chest shot of Emma R & Armine from camera-left of the main camera. I wonder if we should edit that in, or release it as a separate video...?
    Would LOVE a second, separate video of Armine & Emma R's DIM shoot. One vote here for a separate video, not editing the two together. Much of what I love about the DIM's in general is that they are not editing, no cutting away, just a single long unbroken gaze of the camera.

    A reissue of many of those earlier videos upscaled by video people who have a better command of the tools etc would be great, and I'm sure would be better than my own enthusiastic amateur efforts of Topaz Video AI. And I'd like to register my vote for both Jamie-Lee & Krysta, Lacey & Sharee, Anneke & Irene and Katia & Patty's classic early DIM videos!


      Originally posted by garionhall View Post

      When we upscale the old content, yes, they will be released as single videos instead of multipart (except when it's logical to keep them separate, for example, the Yoga Girls shoot is one of the first we'll release. It has a sizable backstage video that we'll post separately to the main scene itself). In girl girl hard sex shoots, the "Before" and "After" interviews will be separate videos, but the main scene will be one video.
      Promotional clips from the Yoga Girls shoot were how I first became aware of AW. Everything about that video immediately caught my attention and sparked my interest. I think it still ranks as my overall favorite video of all time (anywhere on any porn site ever), although it might have to share that distinction now because earlier I raved about a recent AW solo/posing shoot with Dee V that appeals perfectly to my tastes). If there is ever any talk of doing a new Yoga Girls shoot (or anything along similar lines), you can count me as a voting highly in favor.

      BTW, I love the concept of multi-model activity videos, and I've enjoyed some of the others (e.g., Fitball Girls), but none of them have ever quite lived up to the gold standard set by Yoga Girls because it seems to me that the other ones don't have nearly enough prolonged non-masturbation closeups to satisfy me.


        I've found that a number of existing HD videos only have half vertical resolution for some reason, and would consequently benefit highly from AI upscale. Videos like Gala_Thais, Flora_Thais, Dannah_Gala, etc. Each horizontal row of pixels is doubled up, making everything very pixelated/jaggy, and low rez. I wonder if there are uncompressed source files that don't have this issue? If not, the issue can be fixed up with AI upscaling to proper HD.
        The process is to resize to 1920x540, with nearest neighbor filtering, and X:1.0 Y:2.0 pixel aspect. Save that as uncompressed or prores MOV, then run that MOV through Topaz to 1920x1080 (or even higher, if you're feeling plucky)
        Click image for larger version

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          Really hope this project is still going ahead, and making progress!
          As some may or may not be aware, AI tools have advanced immensely in the meantime. Still images of practically anything can now be generated entirely by AI. Including realistic racy photos. believable photos of nonexistent people are shockingly simple to generate, like the attached below. It would even be possible to train custom models to create new unique images of current or former AW models, with the permission of the model in question, in virtually any style or setting, from photographic to illustrated or painted.
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            I just came across this thread, and thought that I'd add a few comments. First, I don't work with video, so I don't know much about what's involved with upscaling. I have been using Topaz Labs software for several years now, but I mainly use their Gigapixel AI program. Using Gigapixel AI, I can enlarge a picture by 600%. Now, while I may not need to enlarge it that much, I do it anyway. The reason that I do it is because, if you shrink the picture down after you've enlarged it, the picture will get ever sharper than the original or the enlarged version. If I want to make a print of a picture...let's say a 4" by 6" print, I'll enlarge the original picture by 600%. Now at 600%, it may be too large for what I need it for, so, using Photoshop, I'll shrink it down to the size I need it to be, and make it at 300 dpi, which is the optimum size for my printer. Sure, my printer will print out much higher dpi pictures, but 300 dpi seems to be the best of both worlds. I have achieved excellent results by doing that.

            As for Topaz Labs Video AI, I have read some good things about it, but there are numerous other video AI software packages out there, so I don't know which one is the best. I think that these AI programs will be the wave of the future.


              garionhall Is there any chance at all of this upscaling project continuing?? Despite the sunsetting of the site? I'm not above begging on hands and knees at this point, at very least for Gabrielle & Jamie "Girls in Love". I'd be more than willing to do the upscaling myself, as a passion project.


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