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Modern high-quality cell phone cameras?

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    Modern high-quality cell phone cameras?

    I have the impression that modern cell phone cameras have become fairly high quality, but I'm curious to know how good, in the grand scheme of things. Suppose, for example, that someone used something like a "Google Pixil 5a" (yes, that happens to be the phone that I have) for an AbbyWinters photo or video shoot? What level of video quality would it have, on the standard AW quality scale? LQ, SQ, HQ, HD, and 4k?
    I did notice one time that an AW model posted a video of herself with her cell phone, but the video quality seemed too poor to be of much interest to me. (I'm so spoiled that anything less than HQ is pointless for me these days). Since I don't know the quality of her phone, I don't know if that is a good representative example of how today's highest-quality cell-phone videos would look. I am completely ignorant here so, for all I know, a lot of AW shoots might be done on cell phones these days.
    BTW, this leads to a related question: I don't know what the AW policy is about models posting unofficial cell phone videos of themselves or each other. Is it encouraged? Discouraged? Obviously, if allowed at all, such videos would need to be approved for posting. Thus, a discussion of criteria for posting might be of some interest. (Again, I'm so ignorant at this point that, for all I know, this sort of thing is already routine on AW and I simply have not yet fallen into the subcategory where such things are common.)
    Depending on answers to the questions in this thread, I might consider posting a topic in a different thread to talk about options for AW model self-made videos. E.g., could AW members request a video of a specific sort, and then models could attempt to produce the desired video?

    Hi Gaylen,

    Most modern top of the line cellphones shoot 4k video at 60fps with no problem, and the quality is impressive for sure. In June we plan to release a full shoot of Dalilah shot on a smart phone (shot by model Madelaine!).

    While the pixel resolution is there, the quality of the lens, the post-processing the phone does, and the extreme wide-angle nature of the lens means video shot by cellphones has a certain "look" to them, that's different to material shot with our cameras (which in turn look poor compared video shot with a DSLR, and so on up the chain).

    Models can post videos of themselves on the boards for sure, but I am not sure if they will... sounds a bit like work that should be paid for!


      I'd be more worried about audio/microphone compared to video. Video/camera is something brands focus on, microphone .. not so much.


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