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Thread: New Backstage: Backstage 343

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    New Backstage: Backstage 343

    New Backstage: Backstage 343
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    Shooter comments from the day of the shoots!

    Angie & Cleo GGT3

    Charli: We had a great day with stunning Angie and hot Cleo, they did a girl-girl shoot with us and these two tigers went off! The lighting was a bit tricky so I had a bit of fiddling around to do. But the girls were great.

    Patience: I actually worked up a sweat today, and no it wasn't just because there were 2 sexy models having hot sex right in front of me, it was really warm today, beautiful weather and those lights get damn hot. Poor Amber had to shoot right under all three we had set up. Speaking of Amber, she shot her first Girl Girl with me today and did a sterling job, good skills AMBER!

    Yay! My first Girl Girl! It was lots of fun and what luck to pop my GG cherry with these two amazonian models. They went off with lots of tribbing and vocal orgasms.

    Augustine & Lea IM

    Patience: Semi experimental shoot today using 2 cameras, it wouked well, I think the best 2 camera shoot I've done.

    It was a quick shoot this morning with Lea and Augustine the girls looked pretty cute together (they are both blondes) Augustine seemed a little nervous at first but she warmed up and the girls had a giggly good time.

    Bronte Solo

    oooh it was a windy and blustery day outside but it was warm and cozy inside and the bella bronti from QLD gave us some hot tips on how she likes to pleasure herself and how she likes other to do it!

    Bronte was such a little cutie she had a shy awkwardness about her, but also really sexy within that.

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    I don't think it is possible to be any more adorable than Melita!

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