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Thread: Problems with downloads when using a Proxy Server

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    Question Problems with downloads when using a Proxy Server

    Only when I am using SaferSurf Proxy Server to connect, some of the new shoots show no information (no pictures) and the videos are not downloadeable. For instance the video of Liz_C (not the stills) and backstage 344 show this problem, others like backstage 343 does not show it. With direct connection there is no problem.
    How can it happen?

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    Do pictures show on the shootpage itself ?

    If possible can you post a screenshot of a problem page ?

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    Hi kallingg

    I'm not an expert on proxy servers nor am I familiar with SaferSurf Proxy, but I can make an educated guess about possible causes of the problem. Our site doesn't actively support proxy servers, but we don't block them. It would be very difficult to support them 'cos in many cases the purpose of a proxy is to block adult sites. But even if a proxy isn't protecting you from porn specifically, it could very well make using our site difficult.

    We, like almost all web sites these days, use JavaScript extensively, and scripts are one of the things that many proxies protect against. Our scripts change over time as we find ways of improving our own servers' efficiency and keep up with technical advances on the net. Hence, we may have different scripts in place on different shoots, so it wouldn't be surprising for a proxy to yield different results on different pages here, especially if the difference shows up for newer vs. older shoots. In other words, there may be elements in our newer scripts that a proxy would look for and keep from executing in your browser.

    Also, in communicating with your computer, or its proxy, our server looks for specific information about your browser. It isn't snooping on our part, it's used to determine what you see on your screen and how we deliver Flash, jpg, zip, and video files to you. One common use for this is the identification of iPhones and other mobile devices with new and different ways of communicating and handling received data. A proxy protecting your anonymity may block or alter some of these identifying bits of data, and our server may not receive or recognise the info it needs to send you the correct web page pics and links or other content you're seeking. When this happens, our server may behave in various and unpredictable ways, but it won't be able to send your browser the proper content; not because our site is broken, but because the proxy is working as it's intended to.

    I'm hoping that other members with experience using proxies for anonymous browsing will jump on and share their knowledge with us here, but if you're concerned about tell-tale evidence of your browsing activities being left on your computer, we have some help for that in our FAQ, "How can I keep my use of your site confidential?", here:

    A word about anonymous browsing in general. Aside from any technical problems between a proxy and a site's servers, bear in mind that when using a site where you have a paid membership, anonymity can't be absolute. When you pay with a credit card, you need to provide some "personally identifying" information in order to pay for your membership.

    However, here at AW, as at any legal, ethical site, personal and credit card information is collected by the billing agent, not the site, and is kept on the billing agent's super-secure servers which cannot be accessed by the servers of the site you joined. (There are all sorts of laws and banking regulations to protect and enforce these safeguards.) There is no personal or financial information about our members on any of AW's servers, and there is no information kept by our billing agents about your use of the site. What the company's databases hold in common are the password, the type of membership (i.e., which and how much content you've paid for) and the membership's expiry date. AW's servers can't track who you are or where you keep your money, and the billing servers can't track when, or even if, you log in to AW or what you do and look at while you're here.

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