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Thread: Self-Shot: Analyn

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    Self-Shot: Analyn

    Self-Shot: Analyn
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    There was a lot of BUZZZZ about this shoot when it first appeared in the upcoming shoots list.... and although we had to wait much longer than we originally originally though....

    Analyn is a lovely lady... great to see her share so much of herself in the video.... She gave a very thoughtful "discussion and feel we learned a little more about this lovely model. We loose some quality in the technical part and getting a nice steady camera from the self shot type shoots, but think in this instance we more than made up for it getting a more relaxed less rushed Analyn... Not to mention its great to see the reutn of a personal fav Annalyn....
    So thanks Analyn wonderful job....

    Take care Pinky...

    For the AW stafers.... When I posted this there was no like to this thread from the shoot... Needed to do a search to find it... Maybe why we hadn't had a flood of posts about the shoot.

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    this was a great video, Analyn is very pretty and such a great personality, I hope we see more from her and more self shot shoots soon

    P.S. loved the shout out to Sabrina, she really is "such an angel"

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    Very good self shot shoot! Sexy and sweet, just like Analyn.

    What! Snail creme! And I thought Analyns pretty Asian skin was just good genes.
    I was laughing as Analyn peeled of her socks to her little stripper song and announced. "My feet, naked, and free"
    As soon as Analyn started talking about other abby girls, and Annabelle Lee, a wet spot appeared on her panties, and she promptly started to masturbate through her panties to alleviate her arousal. Analyn even used an extension arm for the video camera to give us a panning look at her from top to bottom. From pretty dark eyes to all of her scrumptious body.

    P.S. It is a pleasure to have Sabrina on the boards with us. I always read her posts, because she's so sweet and nice to the models.

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