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Thread: Movie You Wish They Were Naked In

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    Movie You Wish They Were Naked In

    We need more casual and natural nudity in new movies. I think it would make the storyline seem more believable and it could over time help viewing audiences relax more about nudity in general.

    So think of a favourite movie of yours where you think casual nudity in one or more of its scenes would've been appropriate and tell us why.

    I'll start with Paranormal Activity, the first movie in the series. C'mon, it's just the boyfriend and girlfriend in the house, and who the heck dresses up to the nines the way both of them did when it came to bedtime?

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    Cool topic wolfy, really hard though to think back about all the movies ive seen & to remember if they did go nude or not?

    To be a liitle bit selfish...anything with Jessica Alba in it!

    But I guess to be more specific Into The Blue, plenty of times in the movie it wouldve been completely natural for both of them to be naked, being in paradise & all.

    Anyway that is my "Movie You Wish They Were Naked In"


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