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Thread: New IM: Maya C

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    New IM: Maya C

    New IM: Maya C
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    In the shoot rave, Izzy uses the word beatify. Some members may not know that word, but Maya is a little beauty so it certainly applies to her.
    Merriam Webster definition
    1. To make blessedly happy. (If Maya is happy, then I'm happy.)
    2. Roman Catholic Church To proclaim (a deceased person) to be one of the blessed and thus worthy of public religious veneration in a particular region or religious congregation. (Maya's alive and well, as far as we know. I hope for a long time.)
    3. To exalt above all others. (Well, I don't know about that, but Maya is a favorite of mine. A very sweet girl and she's so pretty.)

    Izzy, I'm teasing you. I think you're great.

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    Great to see another installment of the adorable Maya C.... and the camera angle and lighting seemed to be perfect in this one (not sure about the need for the double cam... but will move on).

    Thinking this may be the last of what's in the AW Vault for Maya... Be great to have her back again....

    Thanks Maya C....


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