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Thread: Recommend some must see DIM shoots please!

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    Recommend some must see DIM shoots please!

    I'm a little daunted by the sheer mountains of content in this section. I like DIMs where there is a lot of kissing and a more sensual vibe. Can any members recommend some shoots to get started with?

    Thank you!

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    Think the one that JUMPS out to me the most would be Angie and Fotina ... that is as close to a Girl/Girl as you can get with the models being "tested" .... haha actual on reflection not sure that is sensual as it is raw passion.

    umm... the resent Ana B & Dani L is less high powered but lots of kissing and sensual vibe, its kinda like the old T2 Girl/Girl shoot... it had a very different DIM feel to it.

    Kiki & Lou-Ellyn is this more like what you are looking for???

    Try those for starters...

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    Thanks for new video ideas! Loving it! Kiki is awsome!

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