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Thread: New Model: Emily B

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    New Model: Emily B

    New Model: Emily B
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    What an amazing body on her. Cannot wait for the video.

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    What a gorgeous young woman! I loved the first part of the shoot where she undressed and we got to see her beautiful body slowly emerge from beneath the bubbles. The second part of the shoot was a little disappointing, from photo 128 on the rest of the shoot was almost entirely long sequences of explicit closeups with her lying down in the same position. I would have loved to see more of a variety of poses: more of her bathing, drying off, sitting on the edge of the tub, in front of the mirror, hair brushing etc.

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    Very nice video of cutie pie Emily taking her bath and having a wank. Hey, we saw a glimpse of Emily's pretty, wet, pussy via underwater video. Maybe AW has an underwater housing for their little GoPro video cameras?

    I hope this Southern English girl returns to us for more, I would like to see her explore her bisexual side that she mentioned, in an AW girl/girl shoot!

    Thanks Emily, and thank you too Masie.

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