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Thread: How to get bi: Question for the models

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    How to get bi: Question for the models

    This is something I first thought of as a potential question for the AW Education section but since it's not going to be advice for most of the members, I thought I would put it up here and see what develops.
    Like a lot of straight male members who enjoy watching girls together, I'm curious about that whole world. I wonder, “How do these things really happen?” Abby girls seem like the perfect women to ask because many (not all, of course, but many) have said, “First time on camera, NOT the first time with another woman.” But there also seem to be few who identify as lesbians.
    To me, that means that many of the models are girls who have hooked up with other girls because it would be fun. (I don't have any issues with a girl who gets together with another girl because the other girl is the love of her life. It's just a different conversation than this one.)
    So here are the questions I would love to hear addressed about hooking up with another girl in a model's personal life. I have a couple and I don't know that anyone will answer even one of them. I'm certainly not pushing to have anyone answer all of them. (Not that I would mind if anyone did...)

    First, how does this kind of thing happen? Was it spontaneous? Alcohol-fueled? Were you after the experience of being with another girl? Were you after a particular girl? Did you use the old “jokey” seduction technique? (“Wouldn't it be weird if we hooked up? Ha, ha, I should kiss you just to see what everyone says.”) Does anyone really use the porn chestnut, “So, have you ever been with a girl before?” Did you want it to be a friend with whom you already had a bond or a stranger so you wouldn't have to face this person every day?
    Second, if you were the girl being seduced, instead of the seducer, why did you go along? Just curious about girls? Something charming, sexy or bold that the other girl did?
    Third, if you've been in both positions, do you prefer to seduce a girl or be seduced by a girl?
    Fourth, is there any difference between what you look for in a guy and a girl? I know a very pretty bisexual girl and she seems to have almost always dated conventionally good-looking guys. With girls, on the other hand, she's run the gamut. We've talked about it just a little and I think she basically feels that she can connect with a woman on several levels so the looks are less important but with a guy she wants to feel lust so he better be hot.
    This is an aside but it's something I've been curious about: It's 2013 but I still think there exists that whole question of “sex etiquette.” i.e. What should a woman do sexually with a guy she's just met, how far should she go on a first date, etc. But I've always imagined with same-sex couples, of either gender, that all goes away. If you're hooking up, you're hooking up and there's no need to worry about “bases” and waiting for the third date or any of that nonsense. Any truth to that?
    Last, what's the difference between how male partners and female partners handle the “morning after”?

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    Would also love to get some of these questions answered.
    Love Sabrina

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    Hej Sweetheart!
    Since Im a man, I can only answer the last part of your question. Sex etiquette only applies if you have an upbringing that request it, like if you are religious and are full of guilt for anything that gives you plessure. I have had girls coming up to me in a pub and just ask, do you want to come home and have sex? And I say yes please. No weird feelings in the morning after. We both knew what we wanted and had an awsome time. I had a neighbour who came over and said, My daughter is out for 2 hours, do you wanna have sex? I said hell yeah, no weird feelings after. I have woken up beside girls and asked who are you, like one time in Bali, and she said, I thought last night I better take you in cause you were drunk, and we had five orgasms together. One of the best mornings of my life!
    All I try to say is that religion poisons your mind with guilt, without all that silly thinking, without all sexuall etiquette, you can have an awsome life and just be happy! Just do what you want and stop thinking what is right. Stop thinking in terms of what you are meant to do and just do it!


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    I’m pretty upfront about it.
    I’d approach a girl and ask to kiss them and let it go from there. I’m usually the one who tries it on (in non-porn circumstances anyway).
    I’ve done it drunk but the first girl I was with was a best friend. I asked her if I kissed her would she kiss me back? she said yes so I did!

    In terms of bedroom stuff once the kissing starts and lust takes over then it all happens naturally.

    I love pixie type girls, cute ones.
    I also have a thing for the pornstar type who likes things nasty.. haha..
    I’ve never had a morning after experience though only with a TS and that involved more sex.

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    The flip side of not beeing upfront. I have met girls who I knew years ago, who asked me why I didnt get with them when they loved me. I was like a living question mark and they said, but it was so obvious I loved you. I said I had no Idea. So girls loved me without saying anything. I knew nothing. With sexuall etiquette we both missed out. I have so many examples of this its not funny. When a girl hopes for the best, hopes a guy say they want them, the girl wont take the first step, she will most likely finger herself for the rest of her life. If you want someone, just fuckin say so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you are scared of a no, that is just a second of refusal. Ask the next person and he would love to give you an orgasm. I shure as hel would.

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