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Thread: Are you interested in being on "Survivor"?

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    Are you interested in being on "Survivor"?

    Anyone here who wants to be on the TV show "Survivor", well here's the application.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dekoda View Post
    Anyone here who wants to be on the TV show "Survivor", well here's the application.
    I would lve to go on it! HUGE fan! But wouldnt be allowed to because of my heart

    How cool was it to finally see some one who deserved to win actually won last season
    Denise rocked!

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    I could never be on the show because I'd simply starve to death. I hate everything and wouldn't eat the stuff they have to even if it meant starvation and death.

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    Thats what the big stock pile of rice is for Laktor as someone who doesn't eat fish i'd be on a rice and what ever flavors were won that week diet from start to finish.

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    i dunno, laktor, my relatives ate each other when they were trapped under 30 feet of snow. not live ones but the weaker ones, mostly the men, who had already died . the women and children, many of them, survived the winter because back then women carried more weight , it was the fashion, and were also much tougher than they are now. the children got everything t o eat first to preserve them . i am a several generations distant dhild of barbara donner, who, even when offered rescue, stayed with her dying husband. donner pass. moral of the story: don't do everything some joker tells you to do, like george donner who decided a shortcut over the mountains to mine gold would be a nifty idea because some joker tole HIM that...

    hi, laktor and all!! don't mess with me, or, i'd rather kiss you than bite you....i am relatively well considering i was supposed to be dead a year after i first joined and that's been uh....... am having long-term effects of a bad concussion a few months ago. was in the hospital for 6 weeks, one in the ICU.i had to learn everything over again, like a baby. my name,l how to talk, walk (could't walk before, so.l....) couldn't dial a phone or tppype or do simple 1 digit math. it was WEIRD. still having monstor mood swings and forget concepts, words. i feel olike a goose: wake up in a new world everyday. as someonbe here said, i shoulda fallen on my butt, much more cushiony. all that math and physics i loved so,l all that medical knowllegde (and ability to sp0ell). those of you who knew mw 'before' know that i verged on brilliant and certainly was able to keep my shit togther...sigh. i taught myself to talk and add and all so I CAN DO IT. never give up absolutely never.

    i am losing ground, heart troubloe, fatness, polio, epilepsy, ptsd...hmmmm, am really not as sick from this stuff as one would thin kthere is more to tell. jasmine, the kitty,l is fine, finally. will regale you with stories of the neighbor trying to poison me with drano and shavingv jasmine all over and stealing what little good jewelry i have while i was in thje icu.

    never say die!!!!
    my deepest love to all and to all the people past (tell them hi)

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    Been a long time since I've been on the site; and it's great to know you're still in good spirits.
    As for the clown who tried to do you in with Drano, I recommend a good "Mechanic", not a Plumber, if you know what I'm h-i-t-t-ing at.
    The wife and I have 2 cats: Tallulah Bankhead (black-on-black domestic shorthair) and Caesara Romera (long-haired, part Maine Coon). We wouldn't be without them.
    They both have brains and personality galore.
    I have no proof for it, and have said it before: we are co-evolving with cats and dogs, so they will become more intelligent, and live to be human-life-span companions.

    Just for curiosity's sake: after that bang on the head; Were you aware that you had once been better at math than 1+1= hey, I used to know!?
    yours to a cinder

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