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    New Backstage: 357

    New Backstage: 357

    Blaire & Larissa M GGT3

    Patience: Today was without a doubt the best I have seen Blaire in a Girl-Girl. Larissa impressed us all with her passionate and heated encounter with Blaire and we are all now dying to pair her up again to see wbhat else she can do. They started even before we were properly set up and it was so ho we just followed them onto set. I think I am giving too much away, so I'm going to stop now.

    Lee: WOW! This was my last shoot and boy it was a good one! I think I fell in love with Larissa M the first day I saw her and she just makes me melt more and more every time I see her. Today she and Blaire just blew me away. The passion and the fire! Amazing orgasms! Ahhh...

    Toby: No one disappointed today! everyone was amazing! Larissa's first T3 went off with a bang and Blaire was a great person to lead her through. I was so impressed with the girls today, It wonderful when T3's go really well. it means we can shoot a lot more, because we have more models who are going to be awesome! Thanks so much to both the girls!

    Katia & Patty IM

    Charli: These two red haired beauties were paired perfectly. Katia and Patty looked absolutely stunning together with their freckles and pale alabaster skin. Heavenly.

    Jacki: Today Charli and I put on the video "hat" and learned the basics of an IM shoot. Multi tasking is something us ladies do well, so we thought we'd best give it a go. Patty and Katia looked amazing with their red hair and freckles. It was great to see them so giggly and having fun.

    Amber: The pleasure of having Patty & Katia, fabulous freckled face red heads, to shoot AND both Jackie and Charlie giving me their full attention. They did a great job and will be masters of video in no time!

    Juliette K & Katy IM

    Jacki: The gorgeous Juliette and Katy loved to have a chat today. They were like two peas in a pod. They chatted along so much that they nearly forgot the masturbation part of the shoot. They got there in the end!

    Blaire & Keilyn GGT3

    Patience: Another new little diamond in the rough.

    Amber: Keilyn made such cute sexy noises of pleasure when Blaire teased her with lots of little techniques in her sexy bag of tricks.

    Charli: Today was phenomenal I had high hopes for Keilyns first girl girl shoot, and I wasn't disappointed it went off!! Very raunchy indeed.
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