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Thread: Camera A versus Camera A ?

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    Camera A versus Camera A ?

    Although I cannot - at the moment - find the two examples I believe are the case... What's the dealio with naming two different camera position clips of the same video content with the phrase 'camera A'?

    Ya know what - I'll post more info when it's specific - but I am pretty sure I am not kookoo on the point.

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    From Thread: Content Administration - AKA Kylie gets to pester the post-production team! posted 14th of Feb. (link may not work?? remember there was something different I had to do when posting links tot he forum... or was that to the site??? anyway... quote below...

    Quote Originally Posted by mrpinkeyes View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by kylie_h View Post
    This one is not me. I think something is happening with the website itself (my errors are more along the lines of: a model is not in the model list, the shoot is named wrong, there's a black line through the video, etc) but I'll ask Customer Support to explain.
    But.... ignoring my little outburst.... back to you Kylie.... I do have a post.. that I believe should be posted here... Can you explain why or have fixed for the future that in the IM with two cameras both video's are currently called Camera A??
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    So examples you were looking for...

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    Thank you kind sir! - So, it would be said, "I am, NOT crazy, after all!" Actually, there are some clip naming conventions which I wish would get more codified - I imagine they have regular meetings on such matters as "naming things" is, in practice, usually quite difficult. For one, I wish they'd name the AFTER segments "AF" and the BEFORE segments as "B4" which makes for shorter clip names. At least the ladies names are in there - the scene over at makes it practically impossible to know what's what. And - when you return to the page - they randomly shuffle the videos begin displayed - which makes it impossible to pick up where you might have left off in reviewing them.

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