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Thread: Self-Shot: Misha

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    Self-Shot: Misha

    Self-Shot: Misha
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    Misha's long legs are simply glorious! Loved the cute pictures of her and Yale, would love to see these two in a girl-girl shoot together.

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    What a stunning set of images, and looks like you were almost caught. Hopefully the video will reveal what happened.

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    in one word crazy

    The film turned out so sexy! we had an awsome time shooting ourselves but that you can see. Misha i love you! couldn't have done it with any one else because you can see how much chemistry there is between us. kusje

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    Misha and Yale,
    thanks soo much for the shoot - you are soo brave - I think I would never dare to do this.
    Will be able to see the other camera (Yale) as well?

    Love and heaps of hugs Sabrina

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    Quote Originally Posted by RunningMan View Post
    looks like you were almost caught.
    Yes, we got caught even a view times! Lucky enough we managed to cover our self's just in time. But there was one man on a boat that had a good position seeing us. We didn't realize till we finished the shoot.
    He must of have seen most of what we were doing. We didn't know what to think about it and set down the water with a hot chocolate and relax for a bit. Then the man come to us and while standing next to us he said: 'I have great respect for you girls and what you've just have done, it's absolutely beautiful!!

    Besides this funny moment this was a very personal shoot and Yale is my big big Love! Lets do more things like this Yale! And lets invite other models too

    xx Misha

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