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Thread: Cannot view any content.

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    Cannot view any content.

    Nothing seems to work for me, i cannot stream or download any video, view any images, thumbnails do not display. Have tried internet explorer and firefox. I don't have any problems on any other sites. The only images and video that work are on the tour page.

    I receive a video not found error when trying to stream.

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    - What error/message do you get when attempting to download a video ?
    - can you view the preview videos for example the one for
    - can you give one or more examples where you get the 'not found' error when trying to stream ?
    - when exactly do you get the 'not found' error for streaming, is that when you press play or when you go to the video page, more to the point can you see/get this page ?

    If possible please post a screenshot of what you see

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