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Thread: Lesbian Sex: Claudia S & Lulu

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    Lesbian Sex: Claudia S & Lulu

    Lesbian Sex: Claudia S & Lulu
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    The girls themselves describe their shoot together as amazing and perfect.
    Those adjectives could apply as well to Claudia and Lulu in their sun splashed kitchen encounter.
    Claudia has a face of an angel, a sex angel. This beauty just lights up any scene she is in.
    Lulu is a fabulous kisser, to see this pretty girl passionately kissing another pretty girl is heaven. The part where Lulu was going down on Claudia's shaved pussy was incredibly hot.
    Thank you Claudia and Lulu, may you two appear on AW many more times.

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    The sounds of steamy hot sex in the kitchen is what the next door neighbor woke up to on this beautiful sunny morning. There was lots of lip-smacking passionate,delicious kissing, ( which i really loved.) butt-spanking, sounds of moans, groans, all building up to satisfying orgasms dispersed throughout. Claudia and Lulu seemed to share a commonality which definitely came through.Soooo Hot Girls, Thank you xoxox.... a Super-Hot video!!!!

    I doubt the neighbor even got to finish the by now, cold breakfast..
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    Fabulous!!! It's such a pleasure to watch this adorable two ladies, so sweet and sexy!! There is passion going on between Claudis S and Lulu! Thanks for sharing this with us!!
    Lulu knows exactly what to do with her long tong and Claudia S is smiling after delivering pleasure to it's so beautiful!

    Thanks ladies!
    xx Misha

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    wao... no words to describe this encounter. Chicas, you are fantasticas y super guapas. Thank you.

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    I just love to watch Lulu work. she really Loves women and it comes thru in her scenes.

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    Thank you!
    This was so crazy, not only was Claudia's nails matching my skirt (which really really was a coincidence!) but we both come from Madrid and we figured out we actually went to the same school! Such a funny coincidence, and such a great chemistry, it was so much fun!

    Un beso para ti, Claudia, preciosa!

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    A wonderful shoot! Thanks so much ladies!!


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