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Thread: What do the thumbs up/down on tags do?

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    What do the thumbs up/down on tags do?

    Whenever I see a list of tags on a model's page (or shoot or video), I click the ones I like and click the thumbs up tag. So I've probably tagged things like: dimples, cute, freckles, curvy, pigtails, etc.

    But what does that do, exactly? Doesn't seem to save them anywhere, or use them in any way.

    Am I clicking for no reason?

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    Essentially, the more members vote "thumbs up" for a tag the more revelant seen by the community. And in your preferences you can select by how many voters one tag has to be received positive, that it is displayed on the shooting page or when you search for this tag. It is like a counter. When 5 site member voted it "up" and one voted it "down", the count stands at 4. The full explanation you can find at

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    They used to have a fun little video on the homepage of various models explaining about voting good tags UP and bad tags DOWN... and using meaningful tags...

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    Tags are very important in helping all the search functions work on the website. When you search for anything on here (other than Models by name) the results you see are based on the tags memebers and staff have given them. So if I wanted to look for 'meaty lips' or 'full bush' the results I see would be shoots, images, videos 'tagged' with those tags. Now this is where things get slightly complicated.

    When ever I do a search I like to filter my results again to 'images'. This way I can instantly see lots of different examples of what ever I am searching for. This kind of tagged result works best if everyone tags only one of two images in each set, the ones that are the best example of that tag.

    Although it can be very useful to have tags that are just for you (masies fav) it is always great when people create tags that other people might search for, that way there is more chance of everyone being able to find what they are looking for. Simples ! x

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