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Thread: Classy, elegant Fotina

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    Classy, elegant Fotina

    Classy, elegant Fotina
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    WOw Fotina is one sexy lady! i love how this shoot kind of has a dark element, its almost a little kinky My favourite photo is 87 its beautiful!

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    Well some of you (Masie) may know my thoughts on the afterdark series....

    Name:  ad_fotina156.jpg
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    But would like to say that this maybe my favourite all time image of Fotina on AW and maybe one of my favourite all time AW images.

    YES.... maybe there is a place for an AfterDark Image section that MrPinkEyes would very much like.
    I can see that it would be fun for the shooters to do AD shoots and get to show off their artistic talents.


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    Ah, the uniquely wonderful Fotina! Elegant and classy, as Luxman wrote, but also intensely sensual and vibrantly passionate - a true daughter of her Greek (if I recall correctly) roots.

    And what a wonderful image of her Pinky has chosen to post! - a study in darkness and light that is understated but powerfully evocative, like a classical Chinese ink painting, and which captures
    the essential inner beauty of this splendid woman. Kudos to the photographer!!

    Thanks too to team AW for reviving memories of one of the great stars in the AW firmament!!


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