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Thread: Lesbian Sex: Catalina & Merel

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    Lesbian Sex: Catalina & Merel

    Lesbian Sex: Catalina & Merel
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    Beautiful girls, however I was a little disappointed with the photography in this shoot. This one reminded me a lot of Analyn and Crystal's shoot. The shoot had the same kind of claustrophobic feel where the camera was often too close and almost felt like the photographer was crowding the models. No sense of the space around them or continuity.

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    I have no gripes with the models at all. Catalina is a great new AW model and it was great to see Merel on the site again. Thank you ladies for the steamy scene!

    My gripes are with the editors. For the second time this year (that I've noticed), a male shooter can be heard giving basic instructions to the models. These types of things really detract from the shoot. Also in many other videos this year I have seen shooters walk into a shot or get reflected in a mirror. I just wish the editors would cut this out from the final product. Hard to buy into the fantasy when a guy is telling the model to turn her head to open up the view for the camera.

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