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Thread: Video masturbation: Jessika F (Video)

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    Video masturbation: Jessika F (Video)

    Video masturbation: Jessika F (Video)
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    It would have been good to have a video mixing the 2 points of view as in the preview video.

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    Yay! Jessika F is back!!!

    So delightful and beautiful<:

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    We looked at doing that Red and it started to look to much like a solo shoot and less like an intimate moment shoot. The idea behind the Intimate moment shoots remember is to see what a woman does when she masturbates by herself on her own and jumping cameras can really take away from this feeling. I do love Jessika it is great to see her back at AW!

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    Masie, I love Jessika too. Will she be featured again soon? Also I looked here in the Forum hoping Jessika had shared some of those 'selfies' with us.

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