Hi A.W ladies and members,

So, I've recently become fascinated with hearing / reading about women's anal sex experiences -- nothing new from a male I'm sure...

Mainly, when and where did they first try it? Do they enjoy it? Any tips? How often do they do it? When was the last time? Do they talk about it with their friends? Do they like watching it or making it a part of their fantasies? etc.

While I'd never demand the models perform such an intimate act on camera (especially if they're uncomfortable with having the world see them perform it), I am keen to read all about their stories, well, if they're willing to share.

I figured a written confession wouldn't do anyone harm and it could serve to education or even open the discussion platform for some models who have thought about it trying it. I find a woman talking about it as sexy as the act itself, but that could just be me.

Anyways, would love to read / hear from a few models (and any female members) about their anal sex experiences. Thanks.