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Thread: Baby's reaction to her mother's singing

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    Baby's reaction to her mother's singing

    I have never seen a baby have a reaction like this.

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    Deke, I saw that one, and it perplexed me, too. But a small, long-dormant part of me remembers how intense emotions are when you are really, really young. From the looks of this, this baby has a hella strong bond with her mum, and I wonder if mum is quite aware of how much power she really has to tug on her child's heart strings.

    It's also an interesting reminder of how we get used to emotion as we get older. I have noticed that, myself, over the timespan since my teens. It's not that my emotions are less strong, it's just that I have tamed them, and can harness their energy at will. At times, it's sad to think that I can no longer be swept into these emotional storms, as the media romanticises the idea that deep emotions are insurmountable, but mostly, I am grateful. And I do think that what we are seeing is baby simply being so new to the world that she has no idea how to handle powerful emotion.

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    Holy smoke,not sure if the baby likes the singing or is unnerved by it.

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