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Thread: Video masturbation: Suyai & Zaira

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    Video masturbation: Suyai & Zaira

    Video masturbation: Suyai & Zaira
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    best combination ever, haha!

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    The passion between Suyai and Zaira is great. Are they a real life couple? Could they do a girl-girl shoot together?

    The location looks strange. Where has it been shot?
    I think that the shoot could have been even better if the camera had been a bit closer to the models.

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    These two are adorable, and the God's-eye camera angle is an intriguing way to watch them kiss and suck each other's nipples while they masturbate. We know from their solos that they both have incredible bodies with pretty pussies, so it's lovely to see them touch themselves. It's so cute how they keep their socks on, with their panties discarded in a little pile at Zaira's feet. Nice post-orgasm kisses and cuddles, too.

    I think they may be in a real-life relationship...they refer to themselves as a couple in the handwritten notes. Not sure if the contract shooters around the world can shoot girl-girl, but I have a feeling these two would be up for it!
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    Think artistically and passion wise this was a great IM, the girls looked great. I agree with redlabka that the camera could have been a little closer and still got the amazing effect.
    The sound quality unfortunately was badly affected by the very cool location.
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    Really enjoyed this shoot.

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    these two are my favorite thing on the site right now and if we ever get a girl-girl from them i'm going to lose it. real couples own

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