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Thread: Lesbian Sex: Bisera & Candice

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    Lesbian Sex: Bisera & Candice

    Lesbian Sex: Bisera & Candice
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    I can never get enough of the breast 69, and these two both have spectacular breasts!

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    I second that. Breast 69 is a forgotten fetish...

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    These two really go to town on each other, and it's so hot to watch. Especially since, according to the behind the scenes, only about a week passed between when they had sex and when we got to see it. Cute little Bisera looks very innocent, but proves again after her hot coupling with Zoey that she's a firecracker in bed. Candice's exquisite body and lush breasts flush hot pink as she lays back moaning while Bisera licks and strokes her pretty pussy to an earth-shattering orgasm, which brings a devilish smile to Bisera's face.

    Candice then returns the favor by settling her beautiful face between Bisera's legs and setting to work on her pussy. Before long, all traces of cheeky mischief depart from Bisera's face as she surrenders to the pleasure and cums with transcendent ecstasy. ("That was the biggest orgasm I've ever seen you have, Bisera!" says Masie, who knows whereof she speaks. "What can I say?" Bisera says with a smile.) Candice then stays in position licking and sucking Bisera's pussy for a bit before suggesting a 69. Famous last words, as Bisera unleashes a complex fingering technique that gives Candice a screaming orgasm. ("When you were cumming in 69..." Masie says in the interview. "Oh, I know!" Candice replies, still looking awed at what she experienced.)

    These girls know their way around the bedroom, and since it seems like there are lots of hot AW models getting in on the girl-girl action lately, I hope they'll both have a chance to get to know some new partners soon! Thanks ladies!

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    total nudity

    This is a great new shoot. One of the attractive things about AW is that very few of the models wear shoes or lingerie through the entire video. I am not a fan of the high heels, bras and half-clothed sex between girls. I love to see girls totally nude in the shoots. That said, I was a bit disappointed by the fact that Bisera did not remove her top through the entire video. Although the sex was terrific, I'd have liked to see both girls completely naked. The stills deliver in that regard however Bisera's top does not get removed until 4:15 into the after interview video. Still a great real shoot between two real girls - something that AW does very well!

    Lastly, I've suggested before that a few shoots include one girl rubbing her hard nipples again another's erect clitoris and wet pussy. A total turn-on to see an erect nipple rubbed against a wet pussy long enough to produce a shuttering orgasm. I know there was recently a shoot posted which included such play - Thank You Abby for that. I'd just like to see more of it.

    Keep up the great work!

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