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Thread: Lesbian Sex: Juliette M & Tahlia J

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    Lesbian Sex: Juliette M & Tahlia J

    Lesbian Sex: Juliette M & Tahlia J
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    "Ohh, that feels sooo good. You are so good at that, keep going ohhhh..." Juliette moans as Tahlia passionately licks her pussy, sweetly clutching Tahlia's hand as the pleasure washes over her. These two are so beautiful and so completely in tune with each other's needs that it makes for a thrilling shoot. As discussed in the after video, they are similar in so many ways: lovely long dark hair, sexy fit bodies down to pretty vaginas that uncannily resemble each other and a deep love of giving and receiving pleasure. Just look at Tahlia's eyes in the photo above!

    These two are quintessential Abby girls. Tahlia continues a run of amazing models from AW's ancestral homeland of Australia and Juliette is a relatively rare for AW, but always welcome, American girl-girl star. The sizzling lust they share and expert licking and stroking throughout make for videos and photos that radiate sexiness and lead the girls to have what they estimate to be five or six orgasms each.

    "It was a pleasure being in the same room with you!" Masie tells the girls afterwards. We can only imagine how hot that must be, but all the sexy camerawork gives us a pretty good idea. Thanks so much girls!
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    Although i enjoy watching G/G shoots, it's the Intimate Moments vids that i most always choose to " Get Off " with but this shoot caught me by surprise. It happened at the 30 min. mark, while spooning, Juliette's proposal for " more ", was turned down with Tahlia's reply " relax, otherwise my clit will fall off " at which time Juliette decided to take matters in her own hands which added 5 more min. to an already very intense, passionate, raw love session of these two very sexy ladies....I couldn't resist !....and in keeping with the theme..." Fuck yeah, it felt so good !"

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    What a great session and pairing. Would have been only topped if Irmina would have been there to watch Juliette and Tahlia.
    Love Sabrina

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