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Thread: Video masturbation: Carian & Gisela

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    Video masturbation: Carian & Gisela

    Video masturbation: Carian & Gisela
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    Like the best DIMs, this conveys the feel of a genuinely shared sexual experience (as distinct from two girls masturbating side by side in seeming isolation from each other). Very nice, ladies - thank you!!


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    Thank you my dear...

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    Ever Evolving Definitions - And for the better!

    The INTIMATE MOMENT - and subsequent DOUBLE-INTIMATE-MOMENT - have kind of blurred into each other such that there's no need for distinction. However - the GIRL-GIRL versus the INTIMATE MOMENT seems to have a 'rule' which differentiates each from the other.

    In the GIRL-GIRL - the two girls are assumed to be pleasuring each other - and not so much individually masturbating, as with the INTIMATE MOMENT clips.

    That duly noted - there are several videos of recent vintage, identified as belonging to the INTIMATE MOMENT category, which show one or the other ladies 'attending to' or 'helping the other' with less regard for their own pleasure-quest. You can tell from the reaction of BOTH participants that they BOTH feel like this is an especially pleasurable thing to be doing.

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    This is a great expansion in a good direction for the INTIMATE MOMENT category - allowing one or the other participants to alternately 'help' stimulate the other. It's not the GIRL-GIRL total immersion in each other approach and it's not the somewhat antiseptic "Do what you like but keep it to yourself" angle we see most often.

    Personal experience has proved to me that 'having a helper' - maybe touching me - maybe delivering a deep kiss - maybe whispering in my ear - whatever - is hugely erotic and exciting - and I support seeing more of it in the AW videos. It's totally natural - lets both people be GIVERS as well as RECEIVERS and expands the AW experience to even deeper degrees of sensuality.

    In the case of CARIAN in this video - you can tell her desires are real and her responses to Gisela's attention are full and authentic. Ya gotta love it!

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