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Thread: Catrinia Afterdark shoot- my personal opinion

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    Catrinia Afterdark shoot- my personal opinion

    FWIW - I have nothing bad to say about the person in particular, but the CATRINIA AfterDark video and stills are completely antithetical to anything I want to see or think about.

    The idea of a woman, covered in filth, in a garage, on a cement floor, tied up with steel cable, gagged... Well, suffice to say, I am sure the person is a lovely person under other circumstances but I find the whole "dirty girl / victim" context completely unappealing.

    Perhaps one could argue, "Yes, but this is just fantasy…" To which I would reply, "Yes, but not anything close to MY fantasy".

    Here's hoping my posting does not get 'filtered' - I think it's a valid comment on what should be the boundaries of the AW site - there are plenty of places where women are depicted as such (and worse) - my thought would be, for folks who like that kind of angle, please go find it elsewhere - we're having too much fun being NICE to each other.


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    The video of that shoot isn't up yet, only the preview. Even the preview already makes clear that Caterinia herself does consider this a nice fantasy for her. There are more girls like that, check out Masie's solo for example (description only, don't worry).

    That's what AfterDark shoots are about, glamour/fantasy shoots which don't fit the regular AW style. That you don't like the shoot doesn't mean it shouldn't be on the site, it still fits with the idea that the model(s) enjoy their shoots. It may be hard to understand a woman/girl/model really has that fantasy and if that doesn't work for you, ignore those shoots. There are plenty of 'regular' ones which you probably *will* like. Doesn't mean you can't post that you don't like this type of shoot, that's feedback too. I'm just saying that some people do like those shoots and you can rest assured the model involved definitely did (models who did an AD shoot generally say they liked it a lot or most of their solo shoots)

    You can find Catrinia's other shoots here:, none of her other shoots involve dirty garages

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    Hi Frans,

    Thank you for your respectful acceptance of my opinion - to which I would like to reciprocate and report acceptance of your opinion, as such.

    Additionally, I understand the premise, "It's not real - it's a photo-shoot with a consenting model who was not injured". What is difficult is that such material is in the same vein as movies where you see somebody tied up in a chair and being beaten. I simply refuse to watch it - if only because there are so many other more worthy things which could have been done with the time and resources spent showing somebody being brutalized. My main complaint is how this video falls into the "You can't UN-SEE something" category.

    OK - you've heard me - and I hear you - thanks again for not categorically rejecting my comments.

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    Hey notarysojac!

    Thanks for sharing your feedback. You'll be glad to know that we're not about to start even simulated domination, violence, or the like. As Frans explained, the shoot in question is part of a series of somewhat more glamorous and sultry shoots called 'after dark'. The common elements in these shoots are dark shadows, high exposure, make up, lingerie, and generally increased 'kink'. That said, it's all very soft. The clip in question doesn't have the model even feign hurt or upset; she's dolled up and playing with some cable with a smile on her face.

    I don't disagree that it's provocative, though; steel cable against bare skin, make-up and grimy concrete, and so on. It's definitely far out of the spectrum of the quintessential style, and perched right at the extreme end of the After Dark series (most of the other After Dark shoots have a 'I just came home from a night out' kind of feel, some don't even feature explicit nudity). You can rest assured that we're very much on the same page; as they say, 'the exception makes the rule'.


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    Hi Brent - Hey thanks for the clarifications and assurances about the rudder direction of the good ship When I was much younger, my father told me, "Pornography teaches you to hate women" - probably because, in most porno, women do not behave or appear the same as people you might encounter in real life.

    But AbbyWinters has evolved into something which really does quite the opposite. AW way more inclusive of different kinds of people, different kinds of body-shapes, different levels of interest in sex, different levels of iconic beauty/sexiness, and the great part is, as a result of the presentation and context of the AW site, everyone gets to be appreciated more for who they ARE rather than what the might look like or profess to behave like. I'd say it's a big win for everyone.

    F'rinstance - here's a frame from im_glynnvid So sorry I never ran into her when I was younger - what a genuine person - somebody you could 1) like for who they were 2) enjoy sexually because of their open mind and willingness to share.

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    I once saw a porno video where a very attractive woman submitted to sex while sitting in the middle of a stack of tires in a garage next to a parked car. At the time I asked myself, "Who in their right mind thinks this is sexy?" I ask the same question today - because it was a LOSER of a concept THEN - and remains so.

    The NYTimes (Feb 6, 2014) has an article, "Does a More Equal Marriage Mean Less Sex?' - and in it, among other topics, they visit the notion of domination, power, rape-fantasies, and such. Point being, women tend to think along those lines more than men and they ponder why. So - maybe the female contingency of the AW members will appreciate the Catrinia: After-Dark session for reasons that completely escape me - and I respect their right to do so without fear of being ostracized.

    There are scads of places where you can see all sorts of "race to the bottom" scenes where women are subjected to ever more egregious assaults. I never visit those sites - and for good reason - they teach you to hate women. The After Dark scenes have been getting better - this latest one is what I would call a 'mis-step' because I know your head and heart are basically in a good place.


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