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Thread: Annabel and Jamie

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    Annabel and Jamie

    I was digging into the site yesterday and looked at Annabel and Jamie video.
    Well, I normaly see myself as a pretty calm and collected guy but really this time everything went flying !!
    The worrying part is that I broke my wife's most precious china vase (Wank period)
    No pun intended. I kind of dread her return. I am sure I will get an earfull...
    Any chance of seeing these two fierce and beautiful lioness together again?

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    My God, what sort of weird self-abuse ritual were you performing that might require a china vase?

    On second thoughts, I'm not sure I want to know!

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    He can't use his magic lamp because he has to live in there sometimes.

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    I just wanted to give this one a shout-out. This is the "Girls on Film" video, and the DVD was very first video I purchased or saw by Abby Winters. To this day one of AW's best - absolute waif heaven!

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    Yeah, Annabel was my "first" Abby girl, the girl who first made me a believer in this place. I knew I had to subscribe when I saw her shaved pussy in that "boat" pictorial. No other site had ever taken pics of this calibre and nature, at least none I was aware of.

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