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Thread: Longer versions of older videos?

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    Longer versions of older videos?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but in the case of sets from the last few years that are on DVD, the videos on this site are the same as what gets released on DVD, right? I know that was not the case in older sets, such as the Annabel and Jamie one. In that case, the videos here represent low-resolution and short clips, sampling less than 20 minutes of an hour-long video. I'm sure that had to do with online space and download limits that were typical 10 years ago.

    Now that higher bandwidth is the norm, would it be possible to re-release full-length, full-resolution versions of your older videos?

    In particular, the full-length Annabel and Jamie video that was on "Girls on Film" - I used to have this DVD, and it's awesome. One of your earliest videos, and still one of your very best to this day, even after over 10 years. I unfortunately lost the DVD at some point and was disappointed to see that I can't download the whole video from this site.

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    Yes that and making a flash version of all the AW video's?

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