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Thread: Nude girl Mila (comes back)

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    Nude girl Mila (comes back)

    Nude girl Mila (comes back)
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    Mila's like the quintessential Abby girl!
    Pretty adorable isn't she?
    Even w/o her cute glasses.

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    Yeah, whatever praises she gets, they aren't enough. She is about as close to flawless as any girl here. In addition to being very intelligent with a good personality, I can't find one thing I don't like about her. If anything, she seems almost too good to be true. Lustrous eyes, sensuous mouth, playful smile, perfect skin, great bush...and I must say that her pussy and her anus are, for want of a better descriptor, "picture perfect". Particularly her anus.

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    I feel like a broken record going on and on about how incredibly beautiful Mila is on all of her shoots, but I can't help myself. She is so perfectly lovely, warm, smart and friendly that every one of her photos and every second of her videos fills me with happiness. There are some very special moments to treasure in this shoot. Mila looks amazing dancing naked around the pole, then visits with Yara, helping her undress and looking enthralled as she watches Yara play the accordion.

    Back on her own, Mila takes off her pretty glasses for the very first time in any of her shoots (she even kept them on going down on her partners in girl-girl!) and she looks quite different, but no less sexy. After masturbating to orgasm, she confesses to Izzy that to push herself over the edge, she thinks about all the times she's made her partners cum. That is so sexy to know, and fits with what we know about her from her girl-girl shoots, where she clearly adores giving her fellow Abby girls pleasure. Finally, Mila reads us a beautiful poem she's written about her romantic encounters while living in Egypt. The poem is touching and sexy and brings Mila's keen intellect into full view alongside her brilliant beauty. She has spoiled us with six incredibly shoots to date, and I dearly hope there will be more in the future. Thank you so much, Mila.

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    This is a good one, very good.

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    I loved the pretty white top she wore in the shoot. I also loved her cameo in the video crashing Yarra's solo shoot, very sexy seeing her helping slip Yarra's dress off.

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