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Thread: Lesbian Sex: Lulu & Yara

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    Lesbian Sex: Lulu & Yara

    Lesbian Sex: Lulu & Yara
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    For her 11th (!!!) girl-girl, Lulu is just as pretty, passionate and happy as ever, with bright smiles lighting up her face each of the many times she gives her lovely new friend Yara a beautiful orgasm. This is only Yara's second AW encounter with a girl, but she seems like as much of a natural at on-camera sex as any model we've seen in a while. I have a feeling we'll be seeing lots more of her, including a sure-to-be epic meeting with beautiful AW legend Dahlia.

    Lulu and Yara work together so nicely here to make sure they each get as much pleasure as possible. The position in the shot above typifies the intense, romantic feel of the entire shoot, as Lulu gathers Yara in her arms so she can kiss her neck, caress her breast and lovingly rub her pretty pussy all at the same time. Yara offers a helping hand for the final few strokes, putting her hand atop Lulu's to make sure she hits just the right spot to push her into orgasmic bliss. That's just one of the many lovely times the girls cum, including a final round where Lulu manages to bring about simultaneous orgasms by fingering Yara and masturbating herself at the same time!

    Following a refreshing dip in the river, the girls cuddle, giggle and kiss lovingly in the after interview, leaving no doubt of how much they enjoyed spending the day together. Thanks girls!
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    A wonderful shoot with two eciting girls and a Lulu as a great child full of love

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    This sexy shoot is more proof that women should be able to walk around naked in public when they want to.

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