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Thread: Full photo sets

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    Full photo sets

    Would it be possible to to ever see ALL of the images taken during a photoshoot? I mean, I know why some have to be discarded (btw, what happens to the pictures taken but not used?), but it would be interesting if just from one shoot, we could see all of the images taken, even if they have no adjustments done to them (especially if they have no adjustments? not sure about that one...).

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    Very little adjustments are done, read this FAQ for details.

    I'd imagine a lot of pictures look almost the same, I remember from a backstage video (Yoga prolly) that those canon's can snap lotsa pics real fast. The best of a series are then picked to go live. Esp. the g/g shoots results in LOTS of pics, which the editors have to view all and select the best from. Tough job I reckon

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