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Thread: New Double IM: Alexis V & Elsbeth

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    New Double IM: Alexis V & Elsbeth

    New Double IM: Alexis V & Elsbeth
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    Great DIM with 2 very nice and hot girls.

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    A glance and smile shared between the two lovely girls as they begin their DIM set the scene for this delightful experience. The two are a beautiful study in contrasts, the blonde fair skinned Elsbeth, the tanned dark haired Alexis and in their 'intimate styles' they differ (one of the great joys of the whole IM genre). Both are deliciously softly breathy, until the final moments, and expressive as their fingers work their magic, all captured by a fine camera position. A joy to watch and listen to, thank you Alexis and Elsbeth.


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