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Thread: New Backstage: 292

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    New Backstage: 292

    New Backstage: 292
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    Todays shoot was AMAZING!!! Amazing location amazing light but above all, AMAZING models! Kiki really took charge in her first GG shoot today. We were a little concerned in the beginning, as she is quite a quiet one, but once the camera was shooting it was fireworks. The girls navigated a (mostly) empty bathtub which may have been a little uncomfortable at times, but you would never know, these two certainly weren't thinking of the bath!

    Firstly, what a location. Secondly, what a shoot! These girls got it on, I was a little shocked by the roles Kiki and Indiana took, this is how T3's should all be! This epitomizes an Abby Winters shoot.

    Todays shoot was quite outstanding! The heat outside, and the heat between the models was enough to make anyone sweat. Great outdoor location in the bush by the bathtub, Indiana and the fiesty Kiki got it on. Small space to shoot in and trying to keep up with these two was tough! But well worth it! Awesome action.

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