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Thread: New Backstage: Backstage 293

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    New Backstage: Backstage 293

    New Backstage: 293
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    Emm Solo

    Oh my i think i have a crush. The gorgeous Emm oozed sexual energy, what a divine lady she was to shoot. We shot in front of an old deserted shed with broken glass windows and big cart wheels.
    Looked like something out of the cowboy era. Could not get enough of Emm in this shoot, I could rave for days.

    Odette Solo

    This darling could have been plucked from the 60's. Beautiful full figure and big green eyes. The sunset was a gorgeous backdrop along with mountains and trees for miles.
    Tricky trying to race the sun, but managed to get things shot in time I think.

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    maybe on a backstage shoot we could go back to the old dressed girl/naked girl posed photos,i m missing them

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