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Thread: New Backstage: 304

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    New Backstage: 304

    New Backstage: 304
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    Ohhh this was the very infamous shoot that probably increased AW "web hits from Australia" more than any other shoot.... (No actual facts or research used for this sweeping statement but.... )....

    on a different topic.... How gorgeous is Kristal always wished she had done more shoots.... Maybe she is in Europe as planned... and still a possibility... we live in hope

    Maybe this could be done again in A/dam.... "BMX Girls - the next generation" (title stolen from Noelle.. not used as she intended/hoped but still a nice title for a great redux idea....) great opportunity for the head cam...
    Would also love to read the "staffs" comments/notes on this shoots... seems like Michelle had a few problems filming this one and gave the editors a bit of work to do...

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