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Thread: New After Dark Solo: Hayley F

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    New After Dark Solo: Hayley F

    New After Dark Solo: Hayley F
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    A great shoot. One of the best After Dark shoots yet.

    I'm still not a fan of the borders being used on the AD shoots though.
    I like the silvery frame around the images but the faux film-strip effect on this one detracts from the image in my opinion, especially when it has been rotated, flipped or reversed

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    More of the divine Miss F... always such a manifold pleasure. I love her narration - it makes the video much more intimate - and wish I could hear her talk on and on. I couldn't always see too well and wish it was a little more before dark, but her all over loveliness has been very well documented on other shoots. Truly a dream date!

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    amazingly smoking hot

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    So hot. Glad to see Hayley back. She is so beautiful !

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    Sexy Hayley, is a dream come true.
    And it's a terrific video, partially self-shot and using two camera's. Easily one of the best AfterDark shoots.
    I thought she'd drive me nuts playing with her little panties, what a temptress.
    Hayley's one of the all time greats.

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    This was a great surprise - I really thought we'd never see Hayley again. I agree that this has to be one of the very best After Dark; although could anyone go wrong with Hayley in front of the camera.

    Garion, you have to find a way of bringing back some of the Australian models; surely with moder technology it can be done - although Hayley's accent (or lack of it) have often made me wonder if she's English(?).

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