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Thread: New IM: Alyssa

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    New IM: Alyssa

    New IM: Alyssa
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    Fabulous body. Great personality. Ladies take a look at Alyssa. She does the shoot in an exciting way because she is camera aware. Personally I don't like the shoots where a woman clamps here eyes shut the whole time pretending she is somewhere else. (You don't have to stare into the camera the whole time though.) Alyssa does everything right. She shows that the exciting thing about all of this is that there is an AUDIENCE! That's the point isn't it?
    Even a shy person can give a look like "oh my, someone might be looking"

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    a good one

    This is one of my favorite videos. Wow, what a nice orgasm and such a cute girl. Alyssa, eres bella y preciosa.

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