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Thread: New Double IM: Marleen S & Sasha R

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    New Double IM: Marleen S & Sasha R

    New Double IM: Marleen S & Sasha R
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    I'm glad Sasha was able to cheer up Marleen because she sounded like she really missed Carmina, the only problem is Marleen probably misses Sasha now

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    I love how in every shoot Marleen lifts up her partner effortlessly. Gotta love a strong girl. Her first shoot said she was a gymnast...we need more like her. It helps that she's so warm and affectionate.

    Also love the second half of this shoot, Sasha masturbating in Marleen's lap as Marleen massages her breasts and strokes her nipples.

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    Once again, the AW staff had fun at decorating the set.

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    Its my favorite bit of the shoot day !!!! It's funny I am very bad and sorting my own house out with what colours I should be matching and which pieces should be bought etc but at AW we have a big room FULL of fun fabric and I love laying it all out!

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