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Thread: New Backstage: 339

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    New Backstage: 339

    New Backstage: 339
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    Shooter comments from the day of the shoots!

    Hayley T Solo 2

    Patience: Hayley T is one of the quieter models we have here at AW but don't let that scare you off. She is one sexy woman with eyes to dies for. You are all going to love this girl - and guess what, this was her second solo!

    Jacki: I had the pleasure of shooting Hayley for the second time today. This time with a much lighter shoot to show off her beautiful physic. Her incredible blue eyes penetrated deep every time they looked down the lens. With a romantic, lazy Sunday feeling this shoot was really sweet.

    Cerys Solo

    Toby: Something a little darker today for Cery's. Her and her friend Michelle T are traveling around from The UK and decided to come shoot with us before heading off to New Zealand. I shot Cerys in a dark little shed surrounded by loads of retro junk, the lighting is a little creepier than usual so look out for spiders!

    Lee: Cerys has such an awesome body! She's so extremely tanned from her travels in Asia and down the east coast of Oz making us all jealous! Her muscles are beautifully defined and we got to learn about her workout regieme in her video today - she even tried to do the crab which was fun to watch!

    Michelle T Solo

    Toby: I finally got to do my bamboo wall shoot today! and with backpacker Michelle T. It turned out better than I expected she looked amazing and after some initial jitters we got some amazing shots! Her and her friend Cerys are off to New Zealand now, so goodbye and goodluck ladies!

    Lee: Michelle T has the cheekiest grin I've ever seen! She's got interesting taste in fashion and was telling us all about the clothes she's had made up in Asia. Her gymnastic past came up during her shoot today and she became quite flush during her headstand!! Fun!!

    Rebecca D Solo 2

    Charli:Had an amazing day with Rebecca today, we laughed and laughed. Rebecca came back for her second solo shoot with us and that is always great because the models are usually a little more relaxed.

    Amber: It was a giggly day and we had to really focus to keep the mood of a lotion shoot. Rebecca moisturized her whole body and showed us her Jackie.

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