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Thread: New Backstage: 340

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    New Backstage: 340

    New Backstage: 340
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    Shooter comments from the day of the shoots!

    Leah Solo 2

    Charli: Leah was amazing, this lady has some serious sexual energy going on. So confident and sexy it was fantastic to work with her today. Great way to end the week.

    Amber: Leah is a real sex kitten and so eloquent in describing what gets her hot and wet. She loves attention and draws it in effortlessly with her vocal foreplay.

    Rana Solo

    Lee: WOT! It was so refreshing today to hear a kiwi accent! Rana is really proud to be a New Zealander in Oz and was having none of the jokes directed at her from the crew here! She's tall, feisty and has a great personality and showcased her natural body while swinging out by a tree today.

    Toby: We had such a great day with Rana today... it happened to be pretty cold though and Lee and I felt terribly guilty about shooting Rana outside, she was down with it though. These backpackers are gutsy!

    Florist Girls Shoot

    Patience: I was never one for flowers until today. Theres not a better way to encourage someone than to have 3 naked girls getting it on.

    Charli: ai have been waiting for this day for a long time and I was not disappointed. The shoot was incredible. we had a beautiful location and wonderful models and it all came together fantastically, the lighting is great in this shoot, it's a little darker than our other shoots. we lit it with 6 big Kenos and some Arri 800's.

    Amber; At last we got to shoot our florist girls and it was so beautiful. Set in the stunning surrounds of fresh flowers and greenery, the girls had lots to do but work soon got boring and interests moved onto to more sexual activities. Things really steamed up as a little teasing developed into deep sensual kissing and fondling.

    Jacki: We all had an idea that thi8s shoot was going to be a bit special...and we weren't wrong. The girls did an amazing job and the flowers with all there colours looked incredible.

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