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Thread: New Double IM: Carian & Evelina

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    New Double IM: Carian & Evelina

    New Double IM: Carian & Evelina
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    This was sooo funny...

    She's such a nice girl...

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    That was a rather public DIM indeed I would have liked for the far-away camera to be a liiitle closer to see both girls better. But you prolly needed to cover the whole area 'cos you can't tell where the girls would end up doing what ;-)

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    and I would have like for the close up camera to be a little further away so we could see their facial expressions during build up and orgasm... also personally a DIM or IM right by a busy roadway doesn't help for our listening pleasure. But love both these models and vote for a DIM redux shoot in an indoor location without the "creative" camera angle.

    I did enjoy the "staged" but "real" washing the van/water fight, looked like the girls were having fun... Would make a wonderful Girl/Girl shoot in a less noisy location... once again... be wonderful for a girl/girl with these two models.


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