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Thread: New Double IM: Evelina & Kaylee

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    New Double IM: Evelina & Kaylee

    New Double IM: Evelina & Kaylee
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    Looks like the sybian is back in another shoot, on the same wood floor.. won't the neighbours love you Seems Evelina is a bit competitive about lasting longest on the sybian. If you're going make it a match make the rules the same hmm? Would have been fun seeing Kaylee take the controls for Evelina's ride, although Kaylee did keep herself busy just fine.

    Oh yeah, add instructions to the sybian; when you sit on it, keep knees on the floor. The way Evelina rode it she missed part/half of the fun.

    This shoot goes to proof you don't NEED to use full power, good to know. The choice of two angles is nice, even nicer would be the ability to switch between them.. somewhat hard to do with multiple mediaplayers running ;-) I viewed the wide camera most, nice to be able to see both girls fully.

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    Wow! More shoots with Sybian, please!!!

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    ...and let's thrown in an "EVELINA TOTALLY ROCKS!!" shout-out because she is a treasure on Earth.

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