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Thread: AW Education: How important is foreplay for girls?

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    AW Education: How important is foreplay for girls?

    AW Education: How important is foreplay for girls??
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    Not a girl hahahaha, but what an amazing difference there is in girls when it comes to foreplay. Had one girl who wanted a fuckin forthight in foreplay, every single time. She wore me down. The next I just needed to kiss and she threw herself on the ground. The next knocked on my door and said, Steve, my daughter is out for two hours, want to come over and fuck? The next was more average, foreplay one day and rape me the next. The worst was one who wanted quickies every time, she was used to Ausseie guyes. Never been so bored in my life. If it wasnt over in two min, she didnt understand what was happening. Then the swedish experience, take my friend for a walk at night along the waterline. Get turned on and she leans up against a wall, pull down her pants and fuck her like crazy. Walk abit more and she gets down on the ground and wants more. Walk abit more and she wants more over a table. We drive home while Im fingering her and before we get to my house she says, Steve, you cant drop me off like this! So I stop the car beside the road, fuck her in the driving seat while cars are driving past. Awsome night hahahaha. So my friend, there are all kinds of differences in womens needs when it comes to foreplay. I think I have had every single varity.

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